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Services provided range from cash on point delivery services to warehousing and inventory management to man power supply.Since its inception JetEx has always looked to set the standard in the industry as customer satisfaction is and always will be our no.1 priority





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Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the price is determined by the package's weight and the area to which it must be transported, package delivery costs may vary from one location to another.

Jetex Fulfillment Services offers international courier services, or the staff can recommend a qualified third party. Because jetex does not want to disappoint any client that seeks out such services. Jetex values every customer, after all.

Depending on the needs and the type of delivery method used to transport the item, Jetex charges by the kilometer..

Jetex does not have any branches across the country since the business model of jetex is to run the operations from one point to another.

Cakes, food, and other perishable items cannot be delivered by Jetex.

Fragile items are delivered by Jetex with extra care and at a premium price.

First of all, it's important to realize that jetex is not a one-stop delivery service, and its business module differs greatly from that of a delivery service or a courier service. One of the services that jetex offers to its clients is delivery. Jetex is a fulfillment firm, or you might say it's an outsourcing company, and it offers its clients back-end support in the form of inventory management, warehouse operations, and delivery.